Facial Spirulina Mask & Air Brush

Spirulina is one of the most nutritionally rich superfoods in existence and offers benefits to nearly every part of the human body, including skin. Our Spirulina recipes, complete with other skin health supporting nutrients, assist in restoring and maintaining a more youthful glow and radiance. Healthy skin is not achieved overnight, so it is encouraged to repeat the process and experiment with other, Spirulina facial mask recipes to discover which ones work the best on your face. Also, be sure to check back often for new facial mask recipes.

Airbrush facial is characterized by its unique application technique. The facial is dispersed as an extremely fine must through the airbrush gun. Millions of tiny little dots are created on the skin and when connected and layered together, create somewhat of net over the entire face. This make airbrush facial to be a thin, light layer on the skin that is barely noticeable to the wearer. In the contemporary facial scene, airbrush facial has become a preferred option for bridal and events facial due to its long wearing and flawless appearance.